Just across the borders with the Netherlands, next to the harbour of Antwerp lies the small town off doel.

Up until the 60’s it was the home off about 1300 people.

From that moment the trouble for the people of Doel began.

Belgium decided it needed to expand the harbour to face the competition (e.g. the lurch harbour off Rotterdam)

This meant the expansion would go straight trough the village off Doel.

Some politicians said they needed to buy out all citizens, other said that would not be necessary.

In the 90’s the government began building a nuclear power plant, just a few hundred yards from the village, and in the same time began with the expansion off the Antwerp harbour.

In the end the people off Doel could sell their house (voluntairly), and the village began to empty out.

By 2006 only 25 people officially live in Doel.

These days nearly all houses and streets are empty. Doors and windows are sealed off with steel plates.

In the morning hours the empty streets are used by bikers to have blast, and race trough the deserted streets.

During the day some cyclist pass trough and a few tourist come and have a drink at the one cafe still open for business.

2 Thoughts on Doel

  1. marion says:

    Typisch jij, haal je er zo uit duidelijke handtekening. Mooi rauw.

  2. Janette says:

    Ik vind deze toch wel erg mooi!! Denk dat ik er zelf toch ook wel heen wil.

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