school’s out…long time

The school was founded in about 1928.

It served as a local school for the surrounding villages, like Zakovo, Tulje and a few more.

There were about 120 pupils between the age off 8 and 16.

The ground floor is the oldest and is made from traditionally carved stone from the area.

Here are 2 regular classrooms, one small and one bigger.

The bigger classroom was also used as a sort of cinema and culture centre.

The larger upper part was constructed in about 1956.

It holds the library, classrooms and the apartment for the head of the school.

Most children had to walk for hours to go to school.

When the Bosnian railways stopped with their services around 1975, most off these small surrounding villages became deserted in time.

Therefore the school slowly run out of students, and closed in the early 80’s.

Most children went to a regional school like in Ravna.

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    Mooi hoor, kwaliteit man. Met de Leica?

    1. maks says:

      Thnx Marion, alles met de M inderdaad. Eigenlijk alles met de Zeiss 35mm

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