Zelengora Mountains BiH


Zelengora is a mountain range nand is part of a national park in BiH 

It’s  highest peak is at 2,014 meter.

The Zelengora range is well known for it’s grasslands and limestone.

Luckily during the war in the nineties is hasn’t been part off any battles.

Therefore it is safe from unexploded mines, and this makes it safe for shepards to use the green terrain for their caddles.

During the summer they come from the surrounding area and stay 3 or 4 months.

On some places you can find their small self-made homes for this period.


Dragan comes from Ljubinje, about 150Km away.

He is a horseman and one the better hunters in the region.

Every year he walks for 3 days with his horses to his hut close to the mountain lake “Orlovačko Jezero”

He stays here for 4 months, renting his horses to shepards or blueberry pickers.

The hut he made himself two years ago.

Here he doesn’t need anything else, his horses, hut and a small transistor radio.

In everything he says you can easily see he just genuinely loves the mountains.


For the rest the mountain range is mostly untouched by humans.

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  1. mari0n says:

    Mooi documentair, prachtig.

  2. Con says:

    Wat een mooi landschap!
    Interessant verhaal wat goed verbeeld is met sterke foto’s.

    1. maks says:

      Thnx Con!

  3. Slavenko says:

    Great pictures and story. Congrats!

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